The best metric for a judging a company: What do their customers say?

We don’t have the huge marketing budgets that some of the big regional/national installers do. That means instead of annoying you while you’re shopping, interrupting your dinner with a knock on the door or calling you until you’re ready to contemplate serious injury, we just focus on delivering a great customer experience, with excellent support, at a […]


Today’s gorgeous solar spill over the Las Vegas valley is the perfect backdrop to celebrate a clean energy milestone. We just activated our 800th Enphase system! Together, our fleet has delivered an impressive 28.8 gigawatt hours of clean power to these smart Las Vegas homeowners.  How much juice is that? It’s 28,800,000 kilowatt hours. According to, the […]

The great debate: Optimizers versus Micro Inverters

We can all agree that old-fashioned central inverters deliver less power that newer technology, but should you choose power optimizers or micro inverters to get the most bang for your buck? The folks over at PV Evolution Labs took a look at this question in a side by side comparison. Micros all the way. “Summary – […]

Nevada heavily featured in new HBO documentary Happening: Clean Energy Revolution

Nevada’s fight to bring back solar is featured in the new HBO documentary Happening: Clean Energy Revolution. Listen to the film maker Jamie Redford and Assemblyman Chris Brooks discuss Nevada’s fight and the larger state of clean energy on KNPR’s State of Nevada.

Robco on Battle Born Radio

Robco Owner, Rob Kowalczik, appeared on Battle Born Radio prior to the signing of AB405 to help the public and regulators understand how vital it was for the state to #bringbacksolar.