One Robco employee on why a higher Renewable Portfolio Standard would be good for Nevada

  • Krystal
  • May 7, 2018

Robco employee Krystal Hosmer recently had an Op Ed published in the Nevada Independent in support of the higher Renewable Portfolio Standard. This Question will be on the ballot this November. Strong clean energy policies undeniably create jobs for Nevadans. Our solar division here at Robco has been growing again since AB405 was signed into law. We are excited to keep hiring more workers and to keep helping families make the switch to clean power.


“In 2017, when AB 405 was signed into law, the number of applications for rooftop solar systems soared to more than 3,300. That’s a whopping 11 times more applications from families, schools, churches and businesses looking to invest in solar to manage their energy bills, thanks to good policy. With Nevada’s virtually unlimited solar resources, energy consumers once again saw the value in going solar. As a result, I was hired at Robco Electric’s solar division, which installs rooftop solar systems.

The day that bill was signed, I literally jumped up and danced because it meant I could go back to work. As a Nevada resident since 1979, I know we have all the sunshine we need to power the entire United States right here in Nevada. For me, growing the state’s use of renewable power also means I am preserving a livable planet for my daughter. I am incredibly grateful every day to be able to make a good living doing something I deeply believe in.”

Read the whole Op Ed here.


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