Solar and Question 3 (the Energy Choice Initiative)

We have gotten several questions from existing and potential customers about the impact of Question 3 (the Energy Choice Initiative) on solar homeowners.

This Question will have a HUGE impact on the state and is much more complex than it seems on the surface. We all live here and EVERYONE uses power. Rewriting the rules about how that power is made and delivered will touch all of our lives.

A summary of Question 3 (Energy Choice):


Solar and Question 3 (Energy Choice):

There is some language in the Initiative that seems to be in conflict with the language in AB405 that guarantees solar homeowners the rate they signed up on for 20 years after turn on. Because Question 3 changes our state constitution and AB405 is Nevada Revised Statute, it could override or force a rewrite of AB405 – despite that not being the intent of the backers. However, there is also language in the text of the Question that is intended to protect NEM customers. Right now, there is no clear answer on how current and future solar customers will be treated under Energy Choice. 

Obviously, Lawmakers are concerned about this topic as they are well aware that NV has a huge number of NEM customers (“Net Energy Metered” – covers solar, wind, hydro and any other form of renewable energy generation in the state)  – far more than any state that has looked at opening up their energy market in the past. Making sure that NV continues to honor those NEM Agreements and continues to have robust growth in renewable energy adoption is something that factors heavily in their discussions around how to implement this Question if it passes. Keep in mind, the Legislature has until 2023 to implement it by writing and passing all the laws and setting up all the necessary agencies and funding mechanisms that would be needed for the open market. So, these issues will likely be resolved by the time the market is opened if the Initiative passes.

ROBCO’s Position:

Robco does not take a position on this issue. We are very closely watching the coverage and attending hearings as well as speaking to lawmakers and other groups trying to understand exactly how it will impact our solar family, and of course, our business.

We encourage you to dig deep into the coverage of the issue and get involved with the conversations.

Resources to learn about Question 3:

Here are some resources as you consider this important issue for Nevada.

YES on 3 site: https://yesquestion3.com/

NO on 3 site: https://noon3.com/


The next meeting of the Interim Legislative Committee on Energy is on June 27th. These are open to the public. This Ballot Question has been front and center in the testimony/public comments and debates.


Recent articles and opinions on both sides:









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