Question 3 (Energy Choice) Townhall Meeting – Sept 26th

Question 3 is on everyone’s mind. In an effort to help voters more clearly understand what it is and what it will do, we’ve partnered with several groups to host non-partisan educational meetings to discuss the issue. Our next one is coming up on September 26th on the east side of town.



Join Assembly District 12 Candidate Richard Fletcher for a Community Round Table Discussion about Question 3 – the Energy Choice Initiative. This ballot Question impacts every rate payer in the state and will have far reaching implications whether it passes or not. There are a lot of claims being made on both sides. As my campaign has been talking to voters and knocking on doors, this is one of the issues that keeps coming up over and over again. We all need to better understand what is in front of us in order to cast a considered vote. To help all of us make an informed decision, I’ve put together a panel featuring the Yes on 3 Campaign, the No on 3 Campaign and other experts to answer these questions:

1) What does the Question actually do?

2) What the backers are trying to accomplish by changing the State Constitution?

3) Who is funding both sides of the debate?

4) What will this mean for the average residential rate payer’s bill?

5) How might it impact rooftop solar customers and other renewable development in the state of Nevada?

Audience members will have the opportunity to submit a written question to the panel. We will get through as many as time allows.

Snacks and drinks provided by Robco Electric.


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