There is still time to claim the 30% solar tax credit!

As you may know, the solar tax credit goes down to 26% on January 1st, 2020.


How does the tax credit work? Our friends at Energysage explain. You can also read an explanation here.

Bills have been introduced to extend it, however they have yet to be voted on. Even though our install calendar is completely booked through the end of the year, there’s still a chance for you to claim the full 30% tax credit if you act quickly. Here is a link to IRS Notice 2018-59 which discusses the tax credit.

On page 3 of the notice is the following table:


When you read further into the notice, you find this on page 10:


Then this is farther down under Section 5: 5% Safe Harbor:


Based on this, it looks like if a customer puts down 5% by 12/31/19, they can still qualify for the full 30% tax credit. Remember, we are solar experts, not tax experts. ALWAYS DISCUSS TAX MATTERS WITH YOUR TAX ADVISOR BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISIONS.

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