The Solar Scaries: Top 3 Disadvantages of Solar Power

disadvantages of solar power

It’s nearly Halloween and we’re feeling the spooky spirit, so this week we’re taking on the Solar Scaries! Here are the top 3 most commonly cited disadvantages of solar power and a look at why you shouldn’t let these ghosts of solar doubts haunt you: High Upfront Cost It’s only natural to see the upfront […]

Is Solar Energy Renewable – And How Harmful Are Our Other Options?

solar energy renewable

In one year, the sun produces 1.23 x 10 ^ 35 Joules of energy. Today’s big question: is solar energy renewable? And just HOW renewable is it? Until the day the sun stops shining, it will continue to produce more energy in a year than we even have use for on Earth. And on the […]

What Makes a Solar Installation Company Great?

Good Solar Installation Companies

When you first decide to dip your toe into the pool of solar possibilities, it can sometimes end up feelingmore like being Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. Opting to install solar on your home isa big decision with a lot of different factors to consider, and the final choice needs to be […]