Why am I seeing an after solar power bill this summer?

Why am I getting an after-solar power bill this year? WHY DO I HAVE AN AFTER SOLAR BILL THIS YEAR? We have gotten some variation of this question about 1,000 times in the last 3 summers from customers who have had solar for years and are used to only seeing $15 or so on their […]

The Solar Scaries: Top 3 Disadvantages of Solar Power

disadvantages of solar power

It’s nearly Halloween and we’re feeling the spooky spirit, so this week we’re taking on the Solar Scaries! Here are the top 3 most commonly cited disadvantages of solar power and a look at why you shouldn’t let these ghosts of solar doubts haunt you: High Upfront Cost It’s only natural to see the upfront […]

We’re still open and here to help.

Robco’s operations in all divisions (Solar, Low Voltage, Commercial Electrical and Service Electrical) are still operating with appropriate precautions in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. We fall under construction as an essential business. If you are interested in a quote on Electrical Service, Solar, Low Voltage or Commercial Electrical, we can handle most requests remotely […]

How to get your NV Energy Bill

Downloading your power bill from NV Energy is easy! Just log in and follow these easy steps.    This is how to get your NV Energy Bill. Step 1: Log into your account at NV Energy. You’ll need your user ID and password. If you do not have an account, you’ll need to create one […]

Robco on Battle Born Radio

Robco Owner, Rob Kowalczik, appeared on Battle Born Radio prior to the signing of AB405 to help the public and regulators understand how vital it was for the state to #bringbacksolar.

LED Light Benefits

Why should you switch to LED lights? Read More (PDF)


Now that you’re looking into solar, you’re probably thinking a lot more about your power bill and how to keep the cost of your new solar system affordable. At Robco, we believe in reducing demand as much as you can so that you can buy less equipment or get more offset from your system. Check […]