Kyle Jones

Kyle initially entered the solar industry in 2007 as a CAD manager and drafter. Since then, he has gained further experience expanding into sales, roof auditing, and drafting/design. Prior to joining the Robco family in 2014, he already had over 2000 system designs under his belt.
Kyle lived in Las Vegas from 2012 to 2019 and now lives in the Washington D.C. area with his wife, who has served in the military for over 16 years. In his free time, Kyle is an avid cyclist. His favorite place to ride so far is Mallorca, Spain.
With over 14 years of experience working in solar and an in-depth understanding of the technical side, Kyle is a crucial part of the Robco family and an incredible resource to homeowners looking to go solar.

Client Testimonials

Dan D.
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We had Robco Electric (and a couple other companies) out to give us a bid on installing solar panels/electric on our house about 6 months after moving to Vegas. Kyle from Robco came out and explained the process from start to finish, asked good questions about what we wanted out of our solar electric system and how much energy we used in a typical year. He showed us a few options to choose for our system and gave us estimated costs. After reviewing the other companies estimates, Robco by FAR provided the best detail for our system and had a very fair price. Even though it's been several years since they installed our system, they still have GREAT customer service. I've had to call them back to help me reset the energy tracking for our system due to changing wifi equipment - they've always been patient and quick to help out. The only issue we've had was recently we discovered our dryer wasn't working right and a duct cleaning company discovered the dryer duct exit on the roof was crushed under one of our solar panels. I talked with Colin about the issue and he was really helpful and quick to get someone from Robco out to remove the panel so the duct cleaning tech could fix the dryer duct on the roof. Once he was finished, the Robco tech put the solar panel back on and our system was up and running again with no issues. Our dryer problem was solved. Overall, Robco Electric's solar installation was great from start to finish. All the people we dealt with at Robco are professional, helpful, patient and get the job done right. Their prices were fair and their customer service is Phenomenal. Thanks Kyle, Colin and the rest of the Robco Electric team for doing such a great job with our solar installation and your GREAT customer service since it was installed.
Richard M.
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Robco Electric is an outstanding and credible solar company who stands behind their work and word. I purchased a set of solar panels with pigeon guards 4 years ago and unknownst to me, some the pigeon guards were incorrectly installed. As a result, over the years, those nasty pigeons found a way to nest underneath the panels causing a mess, poop falling off the sides of the roof, not to mention the annoying cooing in the early morning. When I happen to call Fortified Pest control to inquire about the costs for cleaning and installing some type of added pigeon protection, it was suggested that I call the solar company who did the installation. After notifying Robco (initially Kyle Jones who was my salesman, then Brittany at the office) of the problem, they arranged for Tyson came to my home to do an inspection. Tyson showed me photos of the gaps where the pigeons were nesting and that they would have create a job order to remove the panels, clean and sanitize the areas, replace the panels, and ensure that all of pigeon guards were properly installed All of a sudden, all I could think of was dollar signs and how much this job cost me. Well, low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised when Tyson told me that when I purchased the solar panels and pigeon guards from Robco, it also came with a 10 year warranty. I was elated to learn that there would be no expense on my end. Once Brittany scheduled the work (April 29, 2021), Jacy and a helper, came to my home and removed all of the affected panels where the pigeons had gathered, vacuumed, and hosed down the areas, cleaned and replaced each of the panels, and ensured that the pigeon guards were installed properly. I cannot tell you happy and satisfied I am with Robco Electric. Contrary to other fly by night solar companies, this is a family owned business that has been in Las Vegas for many years. Each and every employee, that I've met or spoken to has been very courteous, polite and very professional. Thank you, Robco Electric.
Ron C.
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I couldn't be happier with my newly installed solar. Everything went smooth from start to finish. Robco Electric was highly recommended by normal electrician (who does not offer solar). Kyle and Carlos and carlos' team of installers were all great. Great customer service. Went over and beyond my expectations. The quality of the materials they used were one of the best in the market. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. There's a reason why they have 5 stars on yelp. They are awesome. My only regret is that I didn't contact them years ago. Save money on your electric bill and give Robco Electric a call.