Robco quoted in Enphase Press Release


As one of the top tier Enphase installers in the country, we were asked by Enphase why we’ve switched to an all AC module workflow.

“Over the past seven years we’ve done over a thousand installs with Enphase in the punishing Las Vegas heat,” said Rob Kowalczik, president of Robco Electric. “We’ve always had a good experience with the rock-solid reliability of Enphase microinverters, so when the opportunity to further reduce our install costs with AC Modules became available, we jumped on board. Our crews love the simplicity of installing Enphase-based AC Modules. In fact, our warehouse management team loves having fewer items to track now that the Enphase AC Module is our house module. The added efficiency with AC Modules has been a real game changer for Robco, and we’ve been able to keep our prices stable because of the cost savings from switching to an all ACM workflow.”

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