The solar industry ROARS back to life in Nevada

Robco was asked to testify at the Legislative Committee on Energy this week. We read a statement citing the massive success of AB405, the bill that brought back rooftop solar to Nevada. This legislation has had a huge impact on our business. We’ve increased our sales staff 300% and increased our solar business by over 1000%. We’ve also hired back (or newly hired) several installers and other positions in the solar division. Those jobs that everyone talks about in the renewable industry are real. As the division ramps back up, we’ll keep hiring local people. We’re proud to have over 90 Nevadans making their living by making the world a better place. As you head to the polls, we encourage you to keep supporting policies that encourage the state to use more renewable power and make it easier for customers to choose clean energy. We’ll all breathe a little easier.

Thanks to our friends at VoteSolar, BattleBorn Progress and RenewNV for highlighting the great news in solar!