Solar is contagious!

Once one person in the neighborhood goes solar and starts showing off those tiny power bills, everyone else realizes what a good idea it is! As a Robco customer, you’ve already experienced our customer-first mentality for yourself. We know you’ll be confident in referring us to that lady at work or the neighbor down the street who keeps asking you about your panels. What are you waiting for? Invite them to give us a call for a quote on their own solar system. Then sit back while we expertly guide them through the process. Soon, you’ll be choosing a Robco Referral Reward!

We love to thank our customers when they refer us. After all, your vote of confidence means a LOT to someone who is shopping for solar. Referring others to Robco saves them from the high pressure sales tactics and inexperienced sales people common with the national installers. It also helps us keep our costs low because we are not spending money on expensive marketing. By making referrals to Robco, you’re helping us to hire more Nevadans, fill rooftops all over the city with clean solar power plants and build a better, healthier future for all of us. Together, we’ll power Nevada’s next clean energy boom. How many rooftops can we change together?

When you refer a friend, family member or co-worker to us for solar, we’ll send you a one of these great ROBCO REFERRAL REWARDS when their system gets installed.

Robco Referral Rewards Choices

Many of our clients choose to donate their Referral Rewards to a deserving non-profit they care about. In 2018, Robco has already matched over $3,000 in Referral Rewards, sending over $6,000 to local non-profits like Hopelink, The CASA Foundation, The Honnold Foundation and  Conner and Millie’s Dog Rescue.

Refer your Friends

Drop us a line to refer your friends, family or coworkers for solar.