The Federal Tax Credit, NV Energy Rebates, and PECs

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In Nevada, your system will qualify for the federal tax credit. There are no other rebates or incentives currently available.

The Federal Tax Credit for Going Solar

The federal tax credit for solar will help you pay for your system. If you work and pay taxes, even if you usually get a refund, you can use this federal tax credit.

  • GET YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY BACK! This is the largest, non-income limited tax credit you can get.
  • It is 30% of the cost of your system. On a $20,000 system that means $6,000 of your hard earned dollar go right back into YOUR POCKET!
  • It’s not a deduction. Credits reduce how much you owe in taxes DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR, not how much money you pay taxes on. That usually means a MUCH BIGGER refund!
  • You can carry over unused credit to future tax years, so you could take a multi-year holiday from taxes.
  • If you lease the system, the federal tax credit and rebate go to the system owner – not you! Learn more about leasing here.

The NV Energy Rebate


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The core of our business is our well-established Commercial Electrical Division. Robco specializes in Clark County School District projects, government projects, small and large tenant improvements along with medical and airport facilities.


Our solar team brings decades of hands on experience to the design and installation of your solar array. As solar experts, we are on a mission to educate Nevada communities on solar. We design, install, troubleshoot and maintain your system.

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The focus of Robco’s low voltage division is to provide customers a wide range of services. Robco’s services include fire alarm systems, camera systems, access control, intrusion alarms, intercom/clock systems, voice/data systems along with interactive projector installations.

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