The benefits of going solar

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Why should you go solar?

People go solar for a lot of reasons. Saving money, energy independence, return on investment, environmental benefits, added value to their home, making an electric car even greener, creating local jobs, reducing expenses in retirement, and cashing in on the tax credit and rebates are all frequently mentioned. Recently, we conducted a survey of our customers, asking them what they like the most about going solar. We’ve included some of their answers to that question, as we explore the reasons people go solar in more detail.

#1 - Very Low Power Bills

I think it is great not having much of an electrical bill each month, $14 instead of an average $250. The system costs a lot but the money I spent was making me about $3 a month interest now I save about $230.

I am so happy we invested in solar. We can retire in our home, knowing our electric bill will always be our smallest bill!
My system has been running since Jan of 2015 and I have never paid more than the connection fee to Nevada Energy.

Reduced summer electric bills.

No power bill. I have a big house and systems just been up they told me I would get a small power bill this summer till I caught up with credits and $17 for a 4,500 square foot home is amazing!
The power generated reduces our monthly cost from Nevada Power by 98%!!! This is a true blessing!!!

You’ll always be buying electricity, no matter what. If you get it from the power company, rates change over time (mostly upwards) because the cost of fuel changes, they build new transmission lines and new power plants, their operating expenses change and let’s face it, they like to make a profit. With solar, you own the equipment and the sun shows up every day to give you unlimited free “fuel,” so the price you pay for power never changes. Would you rather pay 11 cents a kilowatt hour or half that for something you are going to buy no matter what?

#2 - Doing the right thing for the environment while you save yourself and society a BUNCH of money

The electric bill is down considerably, we are helping the environment, and most of all we are helping keep Nevada from having blackouts in the summer heat.

That I’m helping the environment and only paying $20 per month which is the minimum service charge and regulatory fees. My bill use to run between $300 – $500.

I enjoy not polluting and also my [much lower] energy bills

It’s the right thing to do for our environment and we love those tiny monthly bills from Nevada Power.
Basically eliminating my carbon footprint. After installing solar, I had a 20 SEER AC installed. Now I have enough excess solar capacity to charge a Bolt when it becomes available in Nevada. $14 electric bills are nice also.
I like the fact that we are not contributing to coal pollution and the fact that our electric bill is much less.

#3 - Guaranteed return on investment

The monthly bill from NV Energy. I did the math, for me it will take about 11 or 12 years to break even. In a year’s time, my largest bill was $ 16 dollars. If NV Energy would accept the fact that it’s ok for the consumer to help our earth and ourselves at the same time, it would be great.

Unlike stocks and bonds, which can be volatile, a solar system on your roof is a guaranteed return on investment. Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, rebates and the federal tax credit, the average American homeowner pays off their solar panel system in seven to eight years and sees an R.O.I. of 20% or more! Is there any other investment you can think of that guarantees even a 10% return?

#4 - Being independent … from corporations and foreign energy

Not giving my money to Warren Buffett! Very low power bill each month.
Paying myself back for electricity instead of spending the same amount with NV Energy.
Freedom from power company future electrical rates.

When you own the power plant, you make the decisions. No corporation is telling you how you have to make or use power or telling you that you have to pay for them to clean up some environmental mess they made or some fire or damage they caused. Instead of enriching someone else, you are putting money back into YOUR pocket. You’re also reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Solar is the ultimate in local energy independence.

#5 - Taking advantage of the rebate and the tax credit

Doing something positive for the environment while at the same time benefiting financially (in the longer term).
Good investment and green energy.

When you go solar, you’ll get 30% of the cost back at tax time. On a $20,000 system, that puts $6,000 of your hard-earned dollars back in your pocket. Hardly chump change. Most utilities including NV Energy and Overton Power have generous rebates for going solar, too. Sticking with dirty power gets you exactly zero rebate and zero tax credit.

#6 - Higher resale value on your home

It has lowered my power bill and assume it has increased the value of my home.
1. It makes environmental sense. 2. It saves quite some $. Most recent power bill was $16.46 and it is July. 3. My house value is higher.

Unlike a pool which makes it cost more to own that house, or a new kitchen or bath remodel that prospective buyers might not like, solar is the ultimate home improvement. Every one has to buy power, right? Because it makes the house cost less to own, for you and every future owner, adding solar to your home measurably increases resale value. No matter what future owners believe about the environmental benefits of solar, they will see the value in laughing at the neighbors every time they open those tiny power bills.

#7 - Creating local jobs

You can’t install solar from China or Mexico. Investing in solar means you are investing in our economy and creating jobs for Nevadans, like Connie and Krystal. In fact, over 10 MILLION people are employed worldwide in clean energy. Here in NV, with the return of solar, our economy is seeing job growth as solar applications skyrocket. Robco is proud to say our solar division has grown over 300% since solar came back to Nevada. 

#8 - Maintenance free solution

Trouble free, monthly bills less than $20, charge our electric vehicle, no buyer’s remorse.
Low electric bills. Has worked well. Robco has good customer service.

Solar has no moving parts to oil or change. Aside from an occasional cleaning, there is no regular maintenance needed and the panels and inverters will last for 25 years or more.

#9 - Controlling costs into retirement

When you go solar, an expense that you previously had no control over turns into a fixed cost.