Robco Electric, Inc.

800 Enphase System Installs

Robco reaches install milestone

We just activated our 800th Enphase system!

Together, our fleet has delivered an impressive 28.8 gigawatt hours of clean power to these smart Las Vegas homeowners.  How much juice is that? It’s 28,800,000 kilowatt hours. According to, the average house uses about 11,000 kwh annually, so our solar homeowners made enough clean, local power to run about 2,618 homes for a full year!  All of that power came with no air pollution and no water pollution. It created local jobs and pumped money back into the local economy as we purchased equipment from our suppliers to complete those installs. It also made our power grid cleaner as some of that clean energy was sent back to the grid. It has helped save every rate payer in the state money. A recent decision by the PUC to reduce the basic connection fee and power price for all Nevada customers of NV Energy was directly attributed to the growth of solar in our state.  (You can read the order here. The mention regarding solar is at the bottom of Page 2.) So, going solar is a win anyway you look at it.

If you know someone who should join the clean energy party, give us a call at 702-614-4900 so we can get them a quote.

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