Solar Power is CONTAGIOUS!

A new study confirms what social scientists have long known – once one person in a neighborhood gets solar, others in the same neighborhood are more likely to get solar, too.

From the study authors:

“It’s almost like if you see a solar panel from out of your window, you decide to put one on your own roof as well,” says study author Leonie Wenz from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany. “Of course, one might think that other factors are more relevant, for instance income or educational background, or word-of-mouth within the same social network such as a school district. So we compared all these different options, and we’ve been amazed by the outcome. It turns out that, no, geographical distance really is the most important factor. The more panels there are within a short radius around my house, the more likely I’m of having one, too.”

There you have it!

Science confirms what we’ve seen time and time again in our 8 years of installing solar. Solar is incredibly contagious in the best way (just like smiles!), so let’s get out and spread some sunshine! Invite your neighbors, friends and family to the clean energy party today!

You already know solar is a great investment. You’ve worked with us. You know we’re honest and do good work. Be confident in referring us. After all, you’re doing them a favor by pointing them to a reputable solar contractor! We’re going to take great care of your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers.

We’re hiring more Nevadans, filling our warehouse with top quality solar panels and building a better, healthier future for all of us everyday at Robco. When you refer a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker we’ll send you one of these great ROBCO REFERRAL REWARDS after their solar system gets installed.  


Our most popular THANK YOU is a cash reward. Many customers use the money to help pay off their solar system or get some electrical work done around the house. 


You can choose to donate your Referral Reward to a deserving non-profit and Robco Electric will match it at 100% for a $600 total donation through our ROBCO GIVES program. In 2018, we donated over $25,000 thanks to the generosity of our customers and employees! We were honored to support the work of HOPELINK OF SOUTHERN NV, THE CASA FOUNDATION, THE HONNOLD FOUNDATION, CONNOR & MILLIE’S DOG RESCUE
and many others. Your charity must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Who can earn Referral Rewards?

Anyone can participate in this program! Yes, you can refer us if we just did some service work on your solar system that was installed by someone else. Yes, you can refer us if you’re a trade partner that works at an HVAC or roofing company. Yes, you can refer us if you got a bid from us for solar, but have not moved forward yet. Yes, you can refer us if you picked another company for solar and regret that decision. Yes, you can refer us if you’ve worked with another Robco division such as Commercial Electrical or Low Voltage. No matter how you got to know us, if you believe Robco is the right fit for your friend, family member or neighbor, you can refer us! Just CLICK HERE to get started.

Robco Referral Rewards Donation Matches have a huge impact on our local community.

This is a story of good that just grew and grew. Hugo and Yonni Kruniger had a perfectly functional solar system that they decided to replace with newer technology. Having those panels sit in our warehouse just seemed like a waste of sunshine…so we went looking for a charity that could REALLY use the boost from solar but had no way to pay for it. Immediately our thoughts turned to HopeLink of Southern Nevada.

We met Hopelink and became aware of their work in the community through the giving spirit of the Eckers. Last year they, along with 6 other families in Heritage, chose to donate their Referral Rewards to Hopelink. Once we got to know Hopelink and it’s immense local impact, Robco adopted them, too.

Back to the story… A few months earlier, a mutual friend asked us to try to get Hopelink solar under NV Energy’s LISEP rebate program, but we just couldn’t get the numbers on new equipment to work under the rebate dollars alone. Hopelink didn’t have the additional funds, so the project was shelved. Then along came Hugo and the 54 gently used panels. He agreed to donate them to Hopelink, but we still needed some cash to pay for new racking and new electrical, not to mention the labor of our install teams – a little over $10,000. We asked Hopelink again if they could help us raise the cash for them. This was right around the holidays when their budget for the year was down to crumbs in the cupboards and the donor’s pockets were empty…so again, it was tabled.

Then, our Senior Solar Consultant Krystal Hosmer (who just would not give up on making this happen) talked to another Robco customer, the very humble Alex Honnold. Through his Honnold Foundation, Alex agreed that they would make their very first grant to expand solar access in NV to Hopelink.

Now, we had funds to pay for the new racking and electrical, but we still needed labor. Krystal Hosmer asked all the Robco installers if they would donate man hours to the install. During her tenure at Robco, she has gone out of her way to take special care of the crews and show them exactly how valuable they are to our success with homemade lunches, ice cream, smoothies, drinks, and all kinds of other goodies delivered to job sites on a very regular basis. The crews stepped up! Carlos, James, Rok Dominko, Sam, Mike Moria, Tyson, Jacy and Jorge Saal volunteered time.

At the very last minute, we found that our request for a waiver in order to also use the donated inverters from the Krunigers was not approved. We turned to our partners at Enphase Energy for help. They were able to extend special pricing on the (54) micro inverted needed to power this system.

If this incredible story of the Robco family coming together to support the work of such an important agency isn’t a ray of sunshine, I just don’t know what is! It’s truly the gift that will give for years to our most vulnerable residents in Henderson and Las Vegas.

About HopeLink of Southern Nevada

HopeLink of Southern Nevada, a 501(c)(3) founded in 1991, serves Southern Nevada with housing, food, medical, employment, shelter, utility and low-income child, family, senior and homeless assistance programs from its offices at 178 Westminster Way in Henderson and 3535 W. Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas. HopeLink, now in its 29th year, is a designated Family Resource Center (FRC) in Clark County operating on donations from individuals, corporate giving, foundations, grants and annual fundraising events. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook at , Instagram @hopelinknv , Twitter @link2hope and LinkedIn, HopeLink of Southern Nevada (NOTE: HopeLink of Southern Nevada is not affiliated with other HopeLinks in Washington State, Indiana or elsewhere.)

Creating Hope in Henderson with Referral Rewards

In early 2018, Robco met the residents of Heritage at Cadence, a 55+ retirement community in Henderson. Five residents were shopping for solar as a group. A friend of one of the residents was a Robco customer and he recommended they call us for a bid. They ultimately selected Robco for contracts for all 5 homes. Then, as those installs were completed, the referrals really got rolling! To date, we have done over 50 homes in Heritage and the larger Cadence Community! Here’s the best part though: many of the Heritage residents have selected to donate their Referral Rewards to a local non-profit working in the Henderson community called Hopelink of Southern NV. With their generosity and Robco matching funds, Hopelink has put over $9,000 to use helping to feed seniors in need, providing hygiene items, housing families in crisis, paying medical and utility bills and providing job training.

Robco Referral Rewards Donation Match _CASA

Helping Foster Kids Get on The Road to Success

We were so pleased to welcome Lorrie with the CASA Foundation today. One of our customers, Mr. Ortiz, is a CASA volunteer. He elected to donate his Referral Reward to the CASA Foundation. Robco matches donations to a 501 3(c) group at 100%, so we were able to give $600 to this great cause today.

The CASA Foundation was established in June 1983 to promote and support the efforts of the Clark County CASA Program by providing fundraising, volunteer recognition, program assistance, and public relations activities.

Over the years, the CASA Foundation has added another component to its mission and that is to address the children’s special and other needs not provided for through other means. This includes items such as medical needs, transportation costs for visits with family members, summer camp, sports, music lessons, and tutoring. The CASA Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of children in foster care in Southern Nevada.

A new initiative with CASA is to fund driver’s Ed. lessons for kids who are about to age out of foster care. They found a company that provides the lessons and the use of a car to take the test for just about $600. Lorrie says getting a foster kid a driver’s license is likely what this donation will fund.

Learn more about CASA:
Thank you, Mr. Ortiz, for introducing us to CASA and for your generous heart to help this worthy cause through our Robco Referral Rewards program

Perfect Timing

Just stopped at Hopelink to drop off another Referral Rewards match check. Thanks to the Jordan’s for choosing Hopelink.
Don Miller tells me this money arrived just at the perfect time to solve a problem for one of their clients who did not fit into a grant category. Now that’s some immediate good right here in Henderson to help a neighbor in need.
Referral Rewards check to Hopelink

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