Steven Araneta

Steven has been a Las Vegas local since 1996. When he first entered the solar industry, he promoted solar door-to-door. Eventually, he transitioned to working as a solar consultant and joined the Robco family in 2020.
When he isn’t busy helping homeowners learn about going solar and gaining energy independence, Steven enjoys bowling and ballroom dancing.
Steven doesn’t just talk the talk, he also has solar installed on his own home and on his parent’s home. For those interested in learning what solar could do for them, Steven is the perfect resource and always willing to help

Client Testimonials

John F.
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After moving from New Jersey to Henderson, we decided to investigate solar, which in New Jersey made little sense, but with the sun in Henderson solar made sense. I started researching solar panels from a dependable company that sold high quality solar panels. After interviewing multiple companies, many had gimmicks or of unheard-of brand names for their solar panels, or bait and switch practices. The narrow my research to the companies, read their review in detail, contacted references, looked at installations, in every review step Robco Electric came to the top. I Decided to go with them because of their reviews, personal recommendations, and equipment. I met with the sales representative Steven Araneta. He answered all my questions honestly, walk through the complete process. One we made our decision the entire process was seamless, I did not have to worry about anything, and their crews were always on time (or early!) and ready to go. I got both solar panels and electrical work done with them. They managed all the permits and paperwork. The final solar product looks great and is so much nicer looking than others I have seen. I like that Robco does their pigeon guard (they use flashing rather than chicken wire), attic runs the cables, and paints anything that cannot be attic run. Steve guided the project and made sure at every point of way that we are happy with the process and the product and made sure the project was on-schedule and done properly. All my neighbors watched and commented of project. I highly recommend Robco and Steve, so much so my wife's cousin a friend, and a neighbor all ordered solar from Robco.
Joy Z.
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After researching solar panels I contacted 3 companies for information and proposals. After a Zoom meeting with Steven Araneta with Robco I invited him into our home to repeat the meeting with my husband. He answered our questions with competence and we knew this was the company to go with. Steven followed through with everything, always responsive, communicated well and was patient. Robco handled all the paperwork for permits and HOA approvals. All I had to do was deliver the form to our HOA. The installation was on time, the crew led by Carlos were professional, considerate about safety, cleanliness and very polite. They also were knowledgeable and explained details. This process was less than 2 days. After the panels were installed and before they were running we had a heavy rain. In the morning we found water leaked from the attic, thinking it was a roof leak, I called Steven and he had 2 roofers out to our house within a couple hours. Tyson and his associate inspected everything in detail, took pictures and even made a 3rd trip into the attic with my husband. These 2 young men were professional, clean, polite and concerned. End result the water was an air conditioning issue, nothing to do with the solar installation. Robco has included a Wi-Fi app that monitors consumption, kWh produced and tracking each panel is in working order. We are looking forward to a reduced utility bill soon. The LG Panels include a 25 year warranty. Pigeon proofing is also included. I highly recommend if you are considering solar panels to use Robco.
David B.
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I recently had them install solar on my house, I am extremely happy with everything from start to finish. Steven came out to my house and explained everything to me throughly so I had a complete understanding in the whole process Kekco came out on time and over saw the installation, everything went perfect with the installation jacey then came out once the installation was completed to make sure everything was perfect and it was. I want to thank everyone that was involved we my installation I would highly recommend them for your solar needs
Catherine S.
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I contacted several solar companies for a quote after doing my researched about solar and one of them was ROBCO. Steven Araneta responded quickly and set up an appointment for in person meeting to discuss more about their panels on my convenience. After our meeting I was really happy and impressed that ROBCO have the best panels on market with 25 years of warranty and pigeon proofing is included. Steven presented their company very well, he is knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all my questions and even educated me with the stuff I wasn't aware of. He is very communicative and reliable. He guided me with every step of the process. ROBCO was very flexible with my installation dates due to my refinance ongoing I had to rescheduled it twice and they are very accommodating with my situation. When they installed it was professionally done. I am very happy that I chose ROBCO and will definitely recommend them to anyone who needed and wanted to have a solar. Steven is great and I am very happy that he is my contact person. Thanks ROBCO and Steven!!!
Armina R.
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We had an amazing experience with Robco Electric from start to finish thanks to Steven Araneta. He was our rep and he made sure everything went smoothly and checked in with us regularly throughout the process. We were hesitant at first because we had gotten some outrageous quotes from other companies but we are so glad we decided to go with Robco from both a financial standpoint and from an experience standpoint. I can't recommend them enough!