Getting your NV Energy Bill

Downloading your power bill from NV Energy is easy!

Just log in to your NV Energy Accountand follow these easy steps.

Step #1

Log in to your NV Energy Account

If you do not have an account, you’ll need to create one by choosing “Register a New Account.” To do this, you’ll need a paper bill or your NV Energy account number. If you do not remember your User ID or Password, you can reset it by clicking “Forgot Your username or password?”

Step #2

View Statement

On the upper left-hand side of the screen, click the blue words that say VIEW STATEMENT.

Step #3

Pop Up Window

A pop-up window will open with the PDF of your bill. Save this file and email it to If you are unable to save the file, capture a screenshot and send us that. Your power bill will look like the image below. If you get an error message that you have pop-ups disabled or you are on some phones that do not allow you to save or read PDFs, go to step 4

Step #4


If you have trouble viewing the statement or it says your statement is not available, move over to the right-hand side of the screen and click VIEW HISTORY at the bottom of the Billing and Payment History box.
Open the Payment and Billing History tab. Download the PDF by clicking the small box with the down-facing arrow. View the PDF by clicking VIEW STATEMENT. You can save it from there as well. If you are still having trouble, please call your Robco Solar Consultant. With your permission, we can log into your account and retrieve your bill. You’ll need to supply us with your Username and Password.

If you have trouble, please call your Robco Solar Consultant. With your permission, we can log into your account and retrieve your bill. You’ll need to supply us with your Username and Password.

Don’t have an NV Energy bill yet?

If you do not have a power bill available yet, please log into NV Energy and grab these two screen shots for us. 

NV Energy requires that the Solar Net Metering Application have the info below. We usually pull it off of the bill, but for new services, we need to use an alternate method.

Once you log in, from the drop-down menu choose Profile and Preferences: (exact spelling of your name and address as it appears on bill and account number)

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Sizing Your System


The goal with solar is to match your power supply from your new system to your power demand in your house. You want to hit the perfect balance. Not too big and not too small – just the right size for YOUR needs.

  • An undersized system will not make as much power as you need. You’ll buy the remainder from NV Energy at full price. So, you’ll see a bigger than expected power bill after you go solar. You can always add panels later to meet this remaining demand.
  • An oversized system will produce more power than you need, which will create more buy back credits than you can use. Buyback credits are just that, credits. They are never converted into money in your hand. They just roll over on your bill until used. So, you will never recover the upfront cost of those extra panels. No one gets rich selling solar to the power company.


Your solar system will be sized based on how much power you used in the last 12 months OR by square footage for brand new construction or a new-to-you house. This is why every solar company you talk to is going to ask for a copy of your most recent power bill or ask you what your square footage is. 


If you want more solar panels than NV Energy will approve, an Electrical Engineer has to justify that demand with a Load Calculation Letter. NV Energy will only allow PROVABLE requests for oversizing. You won’t be allowed to oversize your system because you think you’re going to get an electric car in 4 years, but you would be allowed to oversize with a signed contract for a swimming pool or a new AC is installed on the garage. Remember, your system should be sized to make the amount of power you need. Buying extra panels now for a load you’ll maybe add in 2 years is not a smart investment.


Yes, you can add panels later! Once the system is turned on, you may add panels anytime you like. The most common reasons to add on are a getting new pool or spa, buying an electric car or having someone new move into your house.