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The solar system cost in Las Vegas is influenced by various factors.

While the average solar system size in the area is around 7kw, individual energy consumption habits, appliance usage, and home specifications vary among families.

Customization is key when determining the size of a solar system, as it needs to meet the specific power demands of a household. Achieving the right balance between supply and demand is crucial for optimal performance. An undersized system may result in additional purchases of power from the utility company, leading to unexpectedly high bills. On the other hand, an oversized system can generate more power than needed, resulting in excess buyback credits that do not translate into monetary returns.

Sizing Your System

Sizing Solar Is A Balancing Act: Supply Vs. Demand

solar system costSizing a solar system involves considering the energy usage over the last 12 months or square footage for new constructions. Solar companies typically request recent power bills or square footage information to size the system accurately.

The goal with solar is to match your new system’s power supply to your house’s power demand. You want to hit the perfect balance. Not too big and not too small – just the right size for YOUR needs.

An undersized system will make less power than you need. You’ll buy the remainder from NV Energy at the total price. So, you’ll see a bigger-than-expected power bill after you go solar. You can always add panels later to meet this remaining demand.

An oversized system will produce more power than you need, creating more buyback credits than you can use. Buyback credits are just that, credits. They are never converted into money in your hand. They roll over on your bill until used. So, you will never recover the upfront cost of those extra panels. No one gets rich selling solar to power companies.

What if I Want a Bigger System Now?

If a homeowner desires a more extensive solar system than the utility company approves, a Load Calculation Letter from an Electrical Engineer is necessary to justify the increased demand. Oversizing should be based on provable needs, such as installing a pool or a new air conditioning unit, rather than speculative future additions like an electric car.

What if I Need More Power in a Few Years?

The option to expand the solar system is available for those who may require more power in the future. Additional panels can be added once the system is operational, accommodating changes in energy demand due to factors like introducing a pool, spa, electric car, or new occupants.

Payment options include cash or credit cards, with various financing options also provided for those seeking alternative payment arrangements.