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Why Should You Pick Robco Electric For Solar In Las Vegas?

Unlike some new kids on the block, Robco is not just a Las Vegas solar company or solar reseller that subcontracts your installation to the lowest bidder. We’re a full-service, licensed Commercial and Residential electrical contractor serving Las Vegas since 1997. Over the last two decades, we’ve done over 1,800 residential and commercial solar installations while also completing millions upon millions of dollars of commercial electrical work. Our Low Voltage Division and Service Electrical Division add to our company’s diversity and financial strength. If you are looking for solar companies in Las Vegas, Robco Electric should be first on your list.

From our earliest days, we put honesty, fairness, and integrity first. Our company has earned the trust of hundreds of repeat clients, such as the Clark County School District and Harry Reid International Airport. We have an unlimited bid license with the State of Nevada Contractor’s Board and have never had a single complaint with the Board. We hire and continually train our solar install crews and Electricians with customer service. Our customer reviews show time and time again that Robco puts YOU first. We are the Number 1 Five Star reviewed solar company on Yelp! We have over 90 positive reviews on Angie’s List. Our many 5-star Google reviews reveal our commitment to customer service, accountability, and honesty.

When you choose Robco Electric for your solar panels in Las Vegas, we are committed to being here for you for 25 years. Unlike some of these companies that claim to be the “low price leader” or have only just arrived in Las Vegas, we have the longevity in business, financial strength, and sterling reputation to stand behind our solar panel installations and put your needs first. That reputation for integrity and quality workmanship is our most valuable asset as a business. We’ll do anything necessary to protect it. That means we’ve put aside money to meet warranty obligations and maintain an entire Solar and Electrical Service department to handle any concerns.

Are we the cheapest game in Las Vegas solar? Will we sell jobs at a loss to match or beat the $2/watt pricing offered by some companies? No, we won’t. Because getting solar is about more than just searching for the lowest price. It’s about selecting top-quality equipment for our installations. It’s about charging a fair price for our projects, allowing us to retain our well-trained solar installers and offer concierge-like customer service through our experienced Solar Consultants and Service Division. It’s about including lifetime FREE production and consumption monitoring and solid metal pigeon proofing at installation that enhances the value of your solar installation for years to come. It’s about sizing your system correctly for your needs and including a Production Guarantee and Power Output warranty that ensure your solar system will deliver the promised energy now and for decades to come. These considerations work together to provide you with a GREAT solar experience that you’ll want to rave about. That’s the kind of experience you can’t offer when racing to the bottom to provide the lowest price.

We’ve ensured that we will be here for many years to come. That means we can offer great technology installed by experienced crews and a no-pressure attitude worth paying a little more. If you are in the market for solar panels in Las Vegas, Robco Electric Solar Las Vegas is here to help.

I hope we can do business together.

Rob Kowalczik