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Meet Our Solar Consultants

Decades of Hands-on Experience


In 2009, Adam Brunt started his journey into the solar industry, armed with a freshly acquired MBA from San Francisco State University, where he specialized in sustainability. His academic pursuits culminated in a thesis focusing on the intricate Life Cycle Analysis of Various Photovoltaic Technologies, showcasing his early commitment to understanding the nuanced complexities of renewable energy.


A Las Vegas native through and through, Chelsey Mason’s roots run deep in the vibrant city. Her journey into the solar industry began as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, which led to the unfortunate loss of her job. However, this unexpected turn of events catalyzed her venture into the world of solar energy.



Jorge’s journey traces back to 2001 when, at the age of 10, he moved from Lima, Peru, to the vibrant city of Las Vegas. His entry into the solar industry in 2013 began a compelling professional trajectory with Robco. Initially joining as an installer, Jorge swiftly ascended through the ranks, assuming the role of a foreman for a commendable five-year stint leading installation crews.



Krystal began working in the solar industry as the marketing director for a solar company after a successful 18-year career as a graphic designer and LOA instructor with UNLV Continuing Education. She found the solar industry aligned with her values of sustainable living and making wise financial decisions for the long term. 



In 2014, Rok traded the scenic landscapes of Slovenia for the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. Raised in Europe, he learned English through schooling and American TV, setting the stage for his journey. Fueled by a desire for challenge and growth, Rok, with a background in electrical work and construction, recognized the potential of the solar industry in sunny Las Vegas.


Since making Las Vegas his home in 1996, Steven has been deeply involved in the solar industry, initially making his mark by promoting solar door-to-door. Over the years, his dedication and expertise led him to transition into the role of a solar consultant, and in 2020, he proudly became a part of the Robco family. Steven has achieved remarkable success throughout his tenure, facilitating over 230 solar system installations.

Our Solar Consultants have helped thousands of Las Vegas Valley residents tap into the power of clean solar energy. With our concierge service, Robco Electric has proudly built a reputation backed by positive reviews and repeat customers. We’ve earned placement on the Solar Power World Top 500 contractor list six years in a row, making us one of the best solar companies in Las Vegas.