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Meet Rok Dominko

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Rok Dominko

In 2014, Rok traded the scenic landscapes of Slovenia for the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. Raised in Europe, he learned English through schooling and American TV, setting the stage for his journey. Fueled by a desire for challenge and growth, Rok, with a background in electrical work and construction, recognized the potential of the solar industry in sunny Las Vegas.

Joining the Robco family in 2018, Rok initially worked on solar installations. His experience as a crew foreman provided unique insights into the process. Transitioning to the role of Solar Consultant, Rok became a crucial resource for homeowners navigating solar adoption. His in-depth knowledge eased the apprehensions of those unsure about the intricacies unfolding on their rooftops.

Rok’s story exemplifies personal and professional evolution, showcasing the seamless integration of skills across borders. From across the world, Rok found his place in an industry shaping a sustainable future. His journey serves as inspiration—a tale of adaptation and contribution in an evolving energy landscape.

Rok proudly supports Friends of Red Rock Canyon.

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