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Solar Panel Heat and Pigeon Guards

Solar heat needs to be dissipated

Solar panels and micro inverters produce a small amount of heat that needs to be dissipated. Solar panel arrays are mounted a few inches above the roof, and microinverters are mounted in the shade under the solar panel. Air circulates, convection, between the roof and panels removing heat and lowering the temperature of the roof and panels.

Pigeon guards need to be installed

Pigeon guards need to be installed on all solar panel arrays because pigeons can nest under the panels, and their waste causes damage to your panels and your roof.  Robco uses a solid flashing guard instead of netting or mesh for stronger protection and a cleaner look.

Robco’s pigeon guard is designed to look solid and completely flush with solar PV panels from the ground. However, there are 1/4” air gaps along the guard’s edge where it meets the roof tiles and where it is attached to the panel skirting. The gap is enough for rainwater and heat to escape but not let in pigeons.

Robco has used this guard design for more than eight years, and several punishing Las Vegas summers have shown no issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with other questions; our Solar Consultants are always here to support you during and beyond installation.

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