Solar systems increase home value

The Las Vegas real estate market is red hot right now and solar homes are in high demand.

Why? It’s simple really. After the mortgage, most people’s biggest monthly expense for their house is the power bill. Unlike a some of the common upgrades such as a swimming pool (which makes a house cost more to own) or a kitchen remodel (that a buyer might not care for), much cheaper, cleaner power made by a solar array on the roof is something every single buyer will use and every single buyer will value. While not everyone likes to swim or cook, everyone uses electricity, right? Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you had the choice between two houses in the same neighborhood with similar layouts would you choose House A with a $300 a month average power bill or House B with a $15 a month average power bill? A recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab backs this finding up with data from over 22,000 homes sells in 6 states. 

Solar Panels increase resale value.

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