The best metric for a judging a company: What do their customers say?

We don’t have the huge marketing budgets that some of the big regional/national installers do. That means instead of annoying you while you’re shopping, interrupting your dinner with a knock on the door or calling you until you’re ready to contemplate serious injury, we just focus on delivering a great customer experience, with excellent support, at a fair price. That really pays off as our customers are happy to share their opinions with others on Yelp!, Facebook, Google and other review sites. We think this honest feedback is worth more to someone shopping for solar or electrical than any marketing we could ever do.


As you read through the reviews, you’ll notice something. They are overwhelmingly positive, but not every one is perfect. Unlike some companies, we acknowledge that we’re human. Sometimes we mess something up. What sets us apart is that we own up to the fact that not everything goes according to plan all the time and we fix our mistakes. Wouldn’t you rather trust the Number 1 Five Star Reviewed solar installation company on Yelp! than someone who is brand new to Las Vegas or who will treat you like just another number in a huge machine?