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Understanding Your
NV Energy Solar Bill

nv energy solar bill

Your new NV Energy Net Metering bill has a lot of terms and information

Everything You Need To Know

First – The Bar Graph

  • BLUE – What NV Energy sent to you
  • ORANGE – What you sent to NV Energy

Second All Those Abbreviations

kWhD, kWhR, kWhA, and kWhN

kWhD (Kilowatt-Hours Delivered)

The amount of energy delivered to your home by NV Energy.

kWhR (Kilowatt-Hours Received)

The amount of energy generated by your renewable system that is sent back to the power grid.

kWhA (Kilowatt-Hours Accumulated)

Calculated as kWhR – kWhD = kWhA

If you send back MORE energy than you use, it will be noted here as credits at 75% of the retail value of energy. These credits never expire and get applied automatically when you need them.

kWhN (Kilowatt-Hours Net)

Calculated as kWhD – kWhR = kWhN

If you send back LESS energy than you use, NV Energy bills for the difference (net power used). kWhA credits are automatically applied if available.

Third Charge Details

You still pay a Basic Service Charge, and all the regulatory taxes and fees applied depending on your service.