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Vote Solar just released an article about the state of solar jobs in Nevada in conjunction with the release of the National Solar Jobs Census. Our owner, Rob Kowalczik is quoted in the story.

The hiring uptick was echoed by solar companies throughout the state.

“Robco Electric is happy to announce that our solar sales have increased over 1,000 percent since the signing of AB405. Robco Electric’s solar team has increased by 300 percent and these are all Nevadans put back to work in the solar industry.”

– Rob Kowalczik, president of Robco Electric, a Las Vegas-based company.

We’ve been so excited to rehire some of our former workers, like Connie Berry. She’s one of our experienced installers that we were able to rehire almost as soon as the ink on the Governor’s signature was dry. Aside from her impeccable work ethic, she always brings a huge smile for customers and her crew mates. We’ve also been able to give new employees like Kekoa and Mason a start in the growing solar industry. At an install on Tuesday, Kekoa told me that he worked really hard in the warehouse where we started him off to get a chance to get out in the field and learn solar on the job. So far, his crew lead is pleased with his progress and we’re all cheering him on to get his certification and maybe go onto become an electrician. This really is a career you can grow in and a job that will support a family.

These are just a few of the new and returning faces at Robco thanks to all the Nevadans who told the Legislature loud and clear that they wanted solar back. With a record February for sales in our sights, we’re hoping to hire many more Nevadans.

Check out the National Solar Jobs Census here.

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