Panasonic HIT modules now available from Robco Electric

Panasonic solar panels now available from Robco We are pleased to announce that we now carry Panasonic 330 watt HIT modules. These modules are one of the best performing modules on the market. When customers have a roof space limits, these modules can deliver more power in less space. They do come with a slightly […]

Robco Gives : Hopelink

Robco Electric Charity Match

  We had a really special opportunity this morning. We’ve been doing a lot of work with homeowners at the Heritage at Cadence community out in Henderson. Each homeowner that refers someone new for solar is eligible to receive a Referral Reward from us. They can select $300 cash, one of several energy saving or […]

Nevada solar installs increase 11 fold!

Robco Electric testified at the Legislative Committee on Energy meeting last week with some GREAT NEWS for the Silver State. Since AB405 (the bill that restored solar to Nevada) was signed into law, solar applications have exploded! The state saw a mammoth increase in applications from 287 in 2016 to 3,308 in 2017! It is even […]

The solar industry ROARS back to life in Nevada

Robco was asked to testify at the Legislative Committee on Energy this week. We read a statement citing the massive success of AB405, the bill that brought back rooftop solar to Nevada. This legislation has had a huge impact on our business. We’ve increased our sales staff 300% and increased our solar business by over […]

The Clean Energy Scorecard: how did your lawmaker vote?

Robco was pleased to provide a space for the announcement of the Clean Energy Scorecard. This tool will help voters as they evaluate how their lawmaker voted on the 11 clean energy bills brought to the floor in the historic 2017 Legislative Session. Our state passed more clean energy policies with strong bipartisan support this […]

Robco quoted in Enphase Press Release

  As one of the top tier Enphase installers in the country, we were asked by Enphase why we’ve switched to an all AC module workflow. “Over the past seven years we’ve done over a thousand installs with Enphase in the punishing Las Vegas heat,” said Rob Kowalczik, president of Robco Electric. “We’ve always had a good experience with […]

Robco in the News

Vote Solar just released an article about the state of solar jobs in Nevada in conjunction with the release of the National Solar Jobs Census. Our owner, Rob Kowalczik is quoted in the story. The hiring uptick was echoed by solar companies throughout the state. Robco Electric is happy to announce that our solar sales […]

The great debate: Optimizers versus Micro Inverters

We can all agree that old-fashioned central inverters deliver less power that newer technology, but should you choose power optimizers or micro inverters to get the most bang for your buck? The folks over at PV Evolution Labs took a look at this question in a side by side comparison. Micros all the way. “Summary – […]

Nevada heavily featured in new HBO documentary Happening: Clean Energy Revolution

Nevada’s fight to bring back solar is featured in the new HBO documentary Happening: Clean Energy Revolution. Listen to the film maker Jamie Redford and Assemblyman Chris Brooks discuss Nevada’s fight and the larger state of clean energy on KNPR’s State of Nevada.